Do you realize the desperate need for a safe haven for women?

On average,  20 people per minute are physically abused.


1 in 4 women have been victims of severe physical violence. 


On average,  there are 321,500 victims of rape and sexual assault each year in the US alone. 


Trafficking women and children is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. 


Many of life circumstances predominate women, as a group, which requires specialized treatment.  Clinical research shows that physical and sexual trauma is common in women who turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to escape the pain, and with that comes a lifestyle of more physical and sexual abuse.

Sexual Exploitation and Drug Use

Sexual exploitation is the abuse and degradation of a person through exchange of sex acts for money, drugs or other items. Sexual exploitation is linked to drug use in a number of ways:


Firstly, many women who are exploited are sexually assaulted, raped and abused when they are under the influence.


Secondly, many women may become involved in the sex industry to finance their addiction.


Thirdly, sex (human) and drug trafficking.


Drug use is essentially linked to prostitution. Estimates suggest that between 40-85% of all prostitutes are drug users and are often the victim of sexual exploitation, violent crimes, rapes, assaults and other serious crimes.


In some cases, a woman may begin to prostitute herself as a way of financing a drug habit, but is not always the case.  A third person may be forcing a woman to "work" to make money.


In other cases, a woman will be forced by a pimp or other person to take drugs to ensure that they do as they're told and have sex with people.


Sex traffickers will use a variety of ways to make a person conform to their demands. Violence, rape, abuse, drugs, fear and guilt are some of the forms that are used to break and shame a victim.


Drugs are commonly used to make a woman become addicted so they can force them to do the work the traffickers want them to do. 


The rate of addiction is skyrocketing. Last year 3,505 people, in Pennsylvania alone, died from drug overdose.







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Help us help them.

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