About Us

True Light, Inc. is a Christian nonprofit. We are a 501(C)(3) corporation. True Light was founded in 2015 by Tracey Long. She is the CEO and is a survivor herself. She has been working tirelessly for many years helping women recover. True Light is run by the CEO (Tracey), board of directors and volunteers. The  members of our board, all leaders in the community and mentors in the field, take seriously their role to be effective managers of the project and its funding. 


Our goal is to build a community of women recovering from addiction, abuse and sexual exploitation. A place where they can feel safe and loved. A place where they can be open and honest, with no judgment, so they can heal.


Our purpose is to provide a sober living environment, sanctuary and all around support system in a respectful, loving and nonjudgmental environment so these survivors can heal.


We utilize a Christian format based on principles of love, forgiveness and empowerment with access to wide ranging tools and resources to truly break the cycle of addiction, abuse, sexual violence, homelessness and imprisonment.


We counsel, mentor and educate these amazing women  so they can seek their full potential. Therapists, counselors, ministers and other organizations are available to ensure that each woman receives the individual care that she needs that is essential to healing and reclaiming her life.



Any contribution to this cause will help considerably.



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True Light, Inc / Info@truelightrecovery.org / PO Box 517 Levittown PA 19055 /Phone: 484-469-TRUE